Knotted Hearts ring

Ring made of two knotted hearts. 3D printed in wax using Multi Jet Modelling (MJM) process and then cast in bronze using lost wax method.
For research purposes there was also 2 other methods checked.
1. Chemical reduction of silver nitrate method. For ABS plating its quite complicated and requires lot of chemicals. It also requires using mask and well ventilated area. It is not cost effective for items like this but it is best method for covering objects with very complex geometry. It gives very shiny and clean silver surface which can be electroplated after for thicker coating.
2. Electroplating with use of graphite powder. Item was coated with acetone-graphite paste for electric conductivity and then electroplated with copper. Further it was coated with silver by polishing with silver-copper paste compound. It is time consuming and due to many layers small details could fade away but it can be cost effective for big items.